Manrulan can help you design, prototype and manufacture metal, plastic and electronic products. We have a wide range of prototype capabilities, supplying parts for first piece and engineering test parts as well as production tooling and parts for specialized orders.

Our operations based in USA, China, India and Japan are able to supply tooling and manufacturing at high quality and competitive costs.

Manrulan’s advantage lies with the strength of our unique business structure and the talent of our domestic and international team. We have extensive experience in globally-based product development, a flexible and cost-efficient structure, and a high level of design and analytic capability to support a wide range of prototyping and manufacturing efforts.

Manrulan is currently supplying world class components to the best companies in the world.

We utilize a best-of-breed manufacturing model that sources the different manufacturing activities from different parts of the world and utilizes lower cost locations for producing it.

Our Manufacturing solutions highlight include:

  1. Plastic and Metal sub-assemblies for automotive, aerospace, industrial engineering, general engineering etc.
  2. Prototype and Production volumes supported. Volumes in excess of 1 Million parts per project being handled currently.
  3. Produced  thru integrated Asian and North American facilities
  4. Multi-lingual partner staff in the countries of production
  5. Competitive advantage through highly skilled project managers, sourcing experts and quality engineers
  6. We can help with design modifications and CAE analysis as well.

In addition, we support our customers thru analytical engineering and design projects.  These can be as simple as updating drawings or as complex as full product design.

Our Portfolio of offerings:
1. Production Volume Castings – Production Volume Castings
2. Plastics Machining – Plastics Machining
3. Alloy Steel Machining – Alloy Steel Machining
4. CNC, SPM, High Volume Turning Jobs – High Volume Turned Parts