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Testing and Measurement Solution

Through our Partners, we offer a complete range of testing and measurement solutions including:

  • Data acquisition systems cum logger for field and laboratory application
  • Telemetry systems and sensors for strain, torque, vibration, force, temperature, measurements
  • Dynamic signal analyser for sound & vibration analysis
  • Non-contact based laser, eddy current, capacitance sensor for displacement, thickness, profile measurements
  • Transducers for load, pressure, torque, displacement, vibration, noise
  • Inclinometers for horizontal and vertical angular inclination
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • Visualisation software for CAD / CAE data sharing, archiving, presentation
  • Electro dynamic shaker systems and environmental simulation chamber
  • Testing and calibration services
  • Engineering services in the field of sound & vibration
  • Engine/machine performance test system and combustion analysis system