Manrulan Engineering and Innovations

Your Perfect Outsourced Manufacturing Destination

We serve international clients across Automotive, Aerospace, Hi-Tech, Telecom, Heavy Engineering, General Engineering, Bio-Medical Device, and Construction industries.

We specialize in Prototype Manufacturing and Production Manufacturing.

Our focus and differentiation is on Innovation that produces meaningful results for our clients – Results that help our clients produce better products, offer superior service, improve time to market, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Our team of dedicated engineers have many years of experience and expertise in various industries and constantly rise up to the challenge of meeting the toughest requirements put forth by our clients

Our Portfolio of Solutions –

Manrulan is currently supplying world class components to the best companies in the world. We utilize a best-of-breed manufacturing model that sources the different manufacturing activities from different parts of the world and utilizes lower cost locations for producing it. Our Manufacturing solutions highlight include:

  1. Plastic and Metal sub-assemblies for automotive, aerospace, industrial engineering, general engineering etc.
  2. Prototype and Production volumes supported. Volumes in excess of 1 Million parts per project being handled currently.
  3. Produced  thru integrated Asian and North American facilities
  4. Multi-lingual partner staff in the countries of production
  5. Competitive advantage through highly skilled project managers, sourcing experts and quality engineers
  6. We can help with design modifications as well.

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